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I have always been a great lover of good music. Though I have a high- end stereo system, a high definition television and a couple of headsets, they have not been able to satisfy me to the extent I always wanted. Kids running around, buzzing vaccum cleaners, screaming food processors and other commotions at home and outside had always been a hinderance in my quest of quality sound. It is then I saw Myzone Headset on the television one day. Though I did not believe their claims initially, I tried to take risk. I purchased Myzone headset and believe me it was such a pleasant surprise for me. Now that I have practically seen and experienced the results, I have decided to put down my views about it in this review article.This is an attempt to look at the market and the underlying technology.

What is Myzone Headset? 

Myzone headset is a Television headphone that allows you to listen at the volume you want without disturbing anyone. It also cancels out noise caused by devices like cell phones. It does this with the help of built in attenuation circuit, the device scans the room and if it finds a strong signal it turns the signal off. It is as simple to install as connecting the base unit to the audio line of your TV. The device is designed to work within line of sight. Installation is easy if instructions are followed. There are 2 types of headphone varieties in this class one is the Bluetooth variety which is a bit prone to interference and works over shorter distances. The other is the RF and IF variety meant for home use unlike Bluetooth which is made for people on the move. RF and IF also have better sound quality than Bluetooth. Some bluetooth headphones come with a technology called Aptx that samples data at a higher bitrate producing CD quality sound. But the cons are they need to be recharged after 10 hours and they lack dynamic range. RF is good at a distance of up to 100m while IF is good up to only 10 M. RF works well through obstructions unlike IF. IF is however less prone to interference.

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The Need for a Headset

 Speech intelligibility is the ability to hear and understand a movie’s dialogue clearly. This involves hearing in the range of 7 kHz. Most TVs fail in this aspect. My zone headsets are a winning proposition and recommend themselves as these two users seem to think.

“I have trouble hearing some of the words from the TV, especially if they are whispered or very quiet. My wife bought this unit for me to hear better without turning up the volume. Now watching TV is more than a pleasure for me”- Dennis, Michigan

“My dad will be turning 90 in Dec and refuses to use a hearing aid. Whenever he comes for a visit the TV is so loud you cannot hear anyone else talking and he likes to stay up late at night and hence we get very little sleep. I got a pair of Myzone Headset for hom as his birthday gift. They work great my dad is thrilled and so are we, he even said he can now hear a lot of the TV conversation he was missing.”- Michelle Jones, Chicago


Myzone Headset offers wider range of benefits. It is effective in cancelling the unwanted noise when the headphone has active circuitry that help it pick ambient noise and produce and opposite signal to the noise signal neutralizing it. It is light in weight and easy to use.

Some Useful Tips

Though the headsets are a boon to those who love uninterrupted listening, wearing them outdoors can be dangerous and disorienting because the ambient noise is missing. Since there’s electronic circuitry in the headset take precautions against dropping them. Models that are pricey in Asia are frequently available cheaper online.


Plug the transmitter into the audio of the TV audio line. You can plug it into the headset jack this will turn the volume off on the TV or on the set top box. First reset the headphone and then scan so that the headset can pick up the signal. The Transmitter can be plugged into the audio jack on the panel. This allows other viewers to listen to TV programs at their preferred volume and the headset viewer to control the headset volume independently with his headphone jack. Remember the batteries are chargeable.

In this article we have not really looked at ear phones. In some ear phones there might be a box for noise reduction or they might act as ear plugs to drown out ambient noise. But that is beyond the scope of this article.My zone headsets are a winning proposition and recommend themselves.

While most of the circumaural ear headphones come with a hefty price tag of  $100-$500, Myzone headset is available for anywhere around $13- $20 which is very desirable. Also the kit comes with a 30-day return guarantee on most of the online shopping sites.

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Bottom Line

As a customer, after performing thorough research and studying the benefits, I can certainly say, Myzone Headset as seen on the television is the ultimate device for uninterrupted listening. It is just amazing when you put it on and sit down to watch your favourite show on the television. No interruption and no unwanted background noise. What you get when you order for Myzone headset is

  1. Well designed and cushioned headset
  2. Great value for money
  3. Ease of installation
  4. Built in attenuation circuit to negate ambient electronic noise
  5. Built in scanner to lock onto the TV frequency
  6. Good performance up to a range of 100 feet
  7. Rechargeable batteries
  8. High quality sound
  9. Cost effective

Those with hearing problems can benefit greatly by these headsets. I have greatly benefitted with the headsets and want others to take advantage of it. Place order online and get your noise cancellation device delivered to your door step!

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My Zone Headphones – High-Quality Sound for your Televisions

It is very important for you to understand the type and message of the television show that you are listening and watching to. In relation to this situation, you can be more focused on understanding and enjoying the television show that you are watching when you have effective tools for you to utilize. In terms of watching and listening, you can easily comprehend and relate into the show when you have a device which can make the sound of the television more desirable and understandable to hear. As a result, there will be a great possibility for you to feel at ease while watching television without disturbing other people, and at the same time, you can personally understand the subject and discussions made in the television.

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In relation to these statements, there is a device that is being patronized now by numerous consumers, this is the My Zone Headphones. This My Zone Headphones is used for watching television purposes. It is a good way of improving the great sound that comes from your television, and because of that, you can easily relate and understand the things that you are watching.

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My Zone Headphones at Amazon

My Zone Headphones are very versatile. It’s very handy! You can possibly bring and carry it whenever and anywhere you want. In terms of features, you can perfectly hear and predict the type of sound you want to hear. This My Zone Headphones has also the specifications which will make you feel at ease when using it. Its functionality is also praised by numerous users for the reason that My Zone Headphones really attain their demands and standards for a particular device. As long as you have this My Zone Headphones in your possession, you will no longer experiencing different kinds of problems when it pertains of watching your favourite TV show and movie film.

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Another advantageous thing of having this My Zone Headphones is that it is wireless. So if in case you are looking forward for a comfortable feeling while watching your favourite movie film, then My Zone Headphones can definitely help you. Aside from that, My Zone Headphones can provide you high-quality sound of music while watching your favourite movie. While you watch these movies, you can actually feel the 3D experience within your ears. Installation of My Zone Headphones in your televisions is also easy so that you will no longer experience difficulty in case you will use this stuff for your favourite television shows. Practically enough, this My Zone Headphones can help you save money in case you are planning to format the type of sound for your television. My Zone Headphones can give you total satisfaction when it pertains to the sounds of your TVs.

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My Zone Headphones Official Site

My Zone Headphones Official Site


My Zone Headphones Review

Are you fond of watching television? Isn’t it a major plus factor that you can hear it in a good quality of sound? Do you want to have that feeling when you are watching your favorite movie in cinemas? You can now achieve this at your respected houses because this product is the best one for you. This is the new and most innovative My zone headphones.

My zone headphones give you its different features that will guarantee satisfaction and gives you the right quality of sound that you deserve. With this small and so easy to use and small, you can bring it to anywhere you want. It is very efficient and functional because of its durable construction.

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My zone headphones are wireless items that reach up to 100 feet.  With this limit, you can still have fun even your far without worrying if it’s still have good quality of sounds. It offers a good sound when you are watching movies. And you have the same result just like a big sound system also works on all television and can be installed in seconds. No other headphones offer this kind of features. You will definitely save your time and no more worries if it suites the formats of your televisions, because this product can.

Also, it is adjustable even without cushion or earpiece.  Unlike of other headphones that will just irritate you of the difficult to handle of adjustments. This will also definitely be a great help while you are watching without disturbing any anyone.  No needs to reduce the sound or to mute the television while your husband, wife or children are sleeping. Because this product will just give you the right volume you need in order to achieve that great satisfaction on the impact of the movie or shows that you are watching.

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With a very much affordable price of 19.99, you can have a free another set. This is just great! You can now avail My zone headphone at a very low price. No other companies offer this kind of promo. So don’t waste any time, buy and be amazed by his product. Don’t waste your space of those big sound systems without any assurance that it will give a long lasting good quality of sounds.

Many customers had been now satisfied with the result that this product provides. It is very functional and easy to operate. So, stop using those old headphones and sound systems that provide poor quality of sounds and ear bugging noises. My zone headphones will definitely bring you to another world. Explore and have a blast while watching, for this item will bring cinemas into your houses.

My zone headphones are the product you have been waiting for. With the high quality of service and performance, you will definitely have a great time of your life.

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My Zone Headphones Official Site

My Zone Headphones Official Site

My Zone Headphones Exclusive Review

How many times have you been watching your favorite show only to have it interrupted by the kids running and shouting through the house, the dog barking or other background noises that spoils the sound and distracts you from the action? Of course the reverse may also be true. The noise from the show you are watching may need to be turned down so your partner can take an important phone call or so they can enjoy a visit with guest in the next room. My zone headphones may just be an end to all those interruptions and allow you to view your favorite show without background noise interruptions or without the rest of household having to listen to show they simply aren’t interested in.

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 Features Of My Zone Headphones

・ adjustable headphones with cushioned ear pads make for long term listening

・ simply plug the base into the back of any model television and use two AAA batteries in the headset.

・ Blocks out environmental sound while keeping the sound from the television where only you can hear it.

・ Wireless within 100 feet of the television.

・ High quality sound

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My Zone Headphones Official Site

My Zone Headphones Official Site

What The Reviews Have To Say

Reviews for my zone headphones are overall quite positive. However, many users point out the need to ensure that you have your headphones hooked up correctly. Several reviewers felt let down and disappointed until they realized that the my zone headphones were not at fault but, rather they were not hooked up correctly.

Once hooked up properly, most reviewers found that My Zone Headphones worked wonderfully well blocking out the background noise and allowing them to enjoy their television without any noises in the background interrupting the enjoyment. The sound through the earphones themselves was clear with not muffling or other disturbances in the quality of sound. While these headphones may not be quite theater quality they are as good as the volume from your television itself.

Many reviewers recommend these headphones and some users stated that they purchased them as gifts for friends and family members.

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If the noise from your favorite television bothers others in your home or if the environmental noises in your home interferes with your television pleasure then the My Zone headphones may really would you into just the right zone to enjoy your television viewing without interruption. Reasonably priced these headphones won’t break the budget and can be use with any television set.

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My Zone Headphones – Reducing Noise, Increasing Volume

My Zone headphones are the quickest and easiest way to watch TV and hear everything that happens. These unique product enable the listener to receive audio directly through headphones worn on the head. This means that individuals can hear their favorite TV shows no matter how noisy environment an environment is. Happy customers are giving these head phones reviews that speak to their effectiveness and practicality.

MyZone headphones are ideal for those who have hearing problems or for individuals who live with roommates. The MyZone headphones privatize the viewing experience so that viewers can watch without disturbing those around them. Whether grandpa is taking a nap or the wife is on the phone making an appointment, this product allows you to watch TV at a comfortable sound level. And because sound is delivered directly, every viewing experience becomes full stereo sound.

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Listen as loudly as you please without disturbing the apartment neighbors or being told to “turn it down.” Never miss another second of suspense, drama, or game action with this unique product that promises to enhance even the news into a quality, theater-like experience. Get all of the benefit without spending even a fraction of the price that a big sound system costs.

These headphones are wireless to provide convenience and comfort while you watch. In fact, transmissions reach an ample 100 feet. So you can watch from your favorite seat and still listen when you go to the kitchen for a snack and even during bathroom breaks. And it only takes seconds to get started. If you have ever plugged an appliance in you’ll be able to install MyZone headphones. Just plug the cord into the back of your TV and it’s done.

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Visit My Zone Headphones Official Site Today

Head phones reviews reveal that customers are very pleased with this product. Comfortable cushioned earpieces, adjustable headphones, and easy installation are popular qualities among MyZone headphones reviews. Other MyZone headphones reviews showed that although the product is wireless it still delivers high quality sound without compromise.

Customers included another important quality in their MyZone headphones review. The device is equipped with various sound modes. These can be adjusted according to what you watch. This further enhances the viewing experience, whether it’s movie night or game night. Once you try this product, it is doubtful you will be able to resist giving your own shining MyZone headphones review.

With My Zone headphones you will never need to reprimand your noisy children again. Barking dogs, outside traffic, and even your teenager’s puzzling music will no longer be an issue when this product is ready and waiting. Simply slip the cushioned headphone onto your ears and settle back as you enjoy the benefit of noise-canceling, surround sound bliss.

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MyZone Headphones Reviews

You went home early just to watch your favorite sitcom. You changed into your comfy clothes, grab some snacks and flop yourself into your sofa. You turn the TV volume up and just as the show was starting, you heard your neighbor banging at the window and asking you to turn the volume down for they are going to bed. Quite irritating, right?

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When such things happen, all you surely want will be something that can allow you to listen for hours and hours to your favorite show or music without any kinds of interruption. Good thing there is My Zone Headphones made just to solve all your dilemmas.

My Zone Headphones will not restrict you to stay up close to your TV when you are watching. These headphones will let you move freely and still be aware of what is already happening to the movie you are watching. The radio frequency signalsmaximum distance that can be sent straight from your TV to My Zone Headphones reaches over a hundred feet! This will definitely let you experience RF signals of the best quality even if you are inside the kitchen or inside your bedroom.

One of the best and brilliant interventions offered by the latest technologies, My Zone Headphones is made up of a small built-in receiver that can catch effortlessly the RF signals and convert them into high quality sounds.

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My Zone Headphones Official Site

My Zone Headphones Official Site

And since there is a possibility for your ears to be harmed while using headphones, the creators of My Zone Headphones have made sure that these are properly added up so that you will not just enjoy but you will also be assured that your ears are safe. These headphones are especially incorporated with ear pieces that are soft and are cushioned in the best quality so that you will not feel any discomfort even if you use if for long hours.

Being wireless, My Zone Headphones will allow you to have the highest degree of movement. This only means that you will not be restricted with all the wires that will just oblige you to stay in the nearest seat to your TV. This wireless features gives you all the freedom to move not just around the room but even all around the house within a diameter of 100 feet from your conveyer.

If you are fond of late night shows, you also need not be worried that the household and your neighbors will be disturbed by your loud volume for My Zone Headphones can allow you to watch your favorite rock band’s concert until the break of dawn without someone banging on your door and complaining about the noise.

With My Zone Headphones, you will experience only the best sound effects and highest quality sounds without any restrictions and interruptions. If you want to achieve the utmost listening pleasure and enjoyment while watching the TV, My Zone Headphones are the headphones that you must never fail checking out. You will miss half of your life if you do not try it yourself now.

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MyZone Headphones Review

My Zone Headphones

My Zone Headphones Official Site

So, you’ve been waiting patiently for the big weekend game featuring your hometown team. You’ve got everything lined up: popcorn, snacks, your favorite drinks. You settle into your chair, turn on the TV and pump up the volume. But then your kids walk in and turn the place into their playroom, creating a loud ruckus, making it impossible to follow the game. On top of that, your wife tells you to turn down the volume, and before you know it, your perfect weekend game has been ruined.

But that wouldn’t happen if you happened to own a pair of MyZone headphones. These simple, elegant headphones work wirelessly over a range of 100 feet and can be plugged into any TV. This means that you can watch TV anytime, anywhere without getting disturbed, or disturbing others.

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Wireless headphones are incredibly useful in any household. If you want to watch your favorite movie or TV show late into the night, you need not disturb your better half by turning up the TV volume. Just plug in the MyZone headphones and catch all the action without disturbing your family. And since they feature noise cancellation, you can watch TV in your living room without getting disturbed by the noise from your kids’ play.

The MyZone headphones also feature surround sound, so you get the complete TV experience. Every sound is rendered exactly the way the movie/TV show makers wanted it to be. If a bullet whizzes past the hero’s ear, you will hear the same in your headphones. If there is an explosion behind the protagonist, you will feel the same, by virtue of the surround sound effects.

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MyZone headphones are very easy to install. You just need to plug in the transmitter into your TV’s headphone socket and you’re all ready to go. The transmitter sends out a RF (radio frequency) signal up to 100 feet. The headphones have an in-built receiver that catches this signal and converts it into sound. All in all, it shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes to get started and running.

Wireless headphones aren’t a new invention. They have been around for quite some time. However, most pairs you will find in retail stores are ridiculously expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars. The MyZone headphones, however, cost just $19.99, and as part of a bonus offer, you get another pair of headphones free of cost, along with a surprise gift with a $20 value.

The low cost and full range of features makes the MyZone headphones a great buy. Now you can watch your favorite TV shows without disturbing others, or getting disturbed by others, in full surround sound, crystal clear audio. At just $19.99, this should be an automatic purchase.

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My Zone Headphones

MyZone headphones work wirelessly and feature noise cancellation along with surround sound. These full featured headphones are incredibly cheap and you can finally watch TV without disturbing others.


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